Thrive complaints procedure

Thrive recognises that there may be times during your involvement with us when you may wish to raise concerns about problems you have encountered. It is the charity’s policy to encourage free communication so that any difficulty can be quickly resolved.

It is only in situations where an informal discussion of a complaint or problem has been tried, and has failed to bring about a satisfactory solution, that a more formal complaints procedure should be used.

In the first instance, please discuss your complaint with the individual concerned.

If you are not satisfied with the response, please put your complaint or problem in writing to the Chief Executive, setting out the full details.

The Chief Executive will send an acknowledgement in writing of your complaint within 48 hours of receipt, and begin an investigation.

Every effort will be made to complete this investigation within seven days of receipt. The Chief Executive will then contact you with findings, recommendations and proposed actions.

In the unlikely event of an agreement not being reached between the Chief Executive and yourself, the Chief Executive will forward the complaint to the Chair of the Trustees for their intervention.

Only the Chief Executive or the Chair of Trustees has the authority to agree a resolution, when the formal complaints procedure has been instigated.

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